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Aleksei Saks, Project Manager


(+372) 502 9619
Languages: est, rus, eng

Erika Saks, Creative Director


(+372) 508 6954
Languages: est, eng

Maaja Kuiv, Project Manager


(+372) 515 8908
Languages: est, eng

Annemarie Rammo, Project Manager


(+372) 524 6842
Languages: est, eng, fin


Good results invariably arise from good collaboration. At Exporabbit we care about the work we do and wish for everything we spend our energy and brainpower on to result in an enjoyable outcome.

Exporabbit is from Estonia, one of the most sparsely populated areas in Europe, with only 32 people living on one square kilometre but with 4000 trees per each resident. IT innovation, extraordinary music phenomena from Arvo Pärt to song festivals and a strong connection with nature are one of the many characteristics of our country and culture.
Music, nature, and smart solutions – these are the essence of Exporabbit.


* Concept creation. We assist in creating a solution that helps tell your story. To this end, we think through which means to use, we find a balance between budget options and the solutions that are interesting and thought-provoking for viewers. We create a visitor journey and include equipment for creating an atmosphere for your subject.
* Room plan, visitor journey and interior design. We prepare an interior design plan, taking your space into consideration, we plan the presentation of the subject in the room(s), as well as information mediums, furniture, interior design elements, light solution.
* Creating graphic design concepts for exhibitions. We develop the graphic design style and stylebook for your exhibition.
* Illustration. We create the illustration language suitable for your exhibition.
* Animations. We make animations and process provided photo material to make an animated file.
* Photographs and photo stagings. We find photographs from the collections of professional photographers or organise a thematic photo staging.
* Installations. We find the means for sound or light installations.
* Augmented reality solutions. We create game solutions, such as the Pokemon.
* Engineering solutions. We make things move and react.
* Audio and video clips. We make sound clips and videos.
* Information stands, screen solutions. We program the information to be presented to visitors into on-screen presentable information, for interactive use.
* Technology and equipment. We provide you with everything you need.
* Scale models. We assist in making scale models.
* Manufacturing furniture. We have many partners, whose skills we use according to the material and characteristics of the ordered furniture.
* Production. We organise the production and installation of your exhibition.
* Marketing materials for your exhibition. We prepare posters, catalogues, banners, introductory clips and materials for social media.
* Project management. We prepare the budget, time schedule, organise information flow and communication, manage the process and people!