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Founded in 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia, Exporabbit creates conceptual solutions for exhibitions, installations and immersive environments.

Our clients include museums, science discovery centers, as well as private companies. Our works can be found in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, France and Switzerland.

The themes of our exhibitions are very diverse: history, music, scientific achievements, health, environment, climate and natural resources. We have been a partner of several public organizations in this field in Estonia for more than ten years in introducing nature education and hiking opportunities.

Our special strength is the development of creative concepts with the ability to provide storytelling and implement the concepts at a high artistic level.

Our services:

Content creation

Development of creative solutions

  • Copywriting / storytelling
  • Assembling and creating photo material
  • Production of videos and animations

Production and installation

  • Modeling, making drawings for the manufacturer
  • Production of custom-made furniture
  • Production of exhibits
  • Costume production


  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Sound design
  • Lighting design

Complete project creation

  • Creating the experience and environment
  • Creation of interior architectural solutions
  • Visitor experience design
  • Project management

Exporabbit is an ideal partner for museums and topic centers looking for ideas and solutions based on the latest technologies. We thoroughly deal with the client’s topics and develop the necessary scenarios for both the space concept and the story. In production and installation, we cooperate with experienced multimedia experts, exhibitor manufacturers, builders and furniture manufacturers. Together with KAOS Architects, we design and implement projects that require architectural solutions.

Aleksei Saks, Project Manager


(+372) 502 9619
Languages: est, rus, eng

Erika Saks, Creative Director


(+372) 508 6954
Languages: est, eng

Maaja Kuiv, Project Manager


(+372) 515 8908
Languages: est, eng