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Exporabbit is the creator and fabricator of exhibitions, installations, and immersive environments.

Our experience includes work for various museums and science discovery centers, as well as for private entrepreneurs. Exhibition topics covered include history, literature, music, education, scientific achievements, environment, climate, and natural resources.

We have been partners to various public organizations for over ten years in introducing environmental topics, versatile nature, and hiking opportunities.

We have done projects for the Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Latvian, French, and Swiss markets.

Our strength is the creation of concepts for creative solutions and their implementation at a high artistic level. Museums and thematic centres that need ideas and creative solutions based on modern technologies will find Exporabbit as a partner that delves into the customer’s theme and suggests space concepts and the scenarios needed to tell the story. Our implementation team consists of professional multimedia performers and exhibitors, we also have experienced builders and furniture manufacturers.

Exporabbit works closely with KAOS Architects on projects that need architectural solutions.

Aleksei Saks, Project Manager


(+372) 502 9619
Languages: est, rus, eng

Erika Saks, Creative Director


(+372) 508 6954
Languages: est, eng

Maaja Kuiv, Project Manager


(+372) 515 8908
Languages: est, eng

Annemarie Rammo, Project Manager


(+372) 524 6842
Languages: est, eng, fin