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Good results invariably arise from good collaboration. Exporabbit cares about its work and wishes for everything we spend our energy and brainpower on to result in an enjoyable outcome. Creativity is born from the contact of different subjects and experiences – from the symbiosis of comparison, analysis, curiosity, agile mind, and the ability to let go – always in the context of an open-minded atmosphere. We want to be a collaborating partner whom a customer believes and trusts, whose experience and broad horizon make Exporabbit an interesting partner.

Exporabbit is from Estonia. A country setting a global example with its IT-solutions for an e-state, where extraordinary music phenomena from Arvo Pärt to song festivals exist, and where people have a strong connection with nature. Estonia is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Europe, with only 32 people living on one square kilometre but with 4,000 trees per each resident. Music, nature, and smart solutions – these are the essence of Exporabbit.

Exporabbit foretells strong development potential for traveling exhibitions. As creating an exhibition with a wow effect is very knowledge-intensive and presupposes proper execution, the budget is in correlation with the work load. Exhibitions also have to be economically viable and one way to guarantee that is to create an exhibition that can also be forwarded after its first presentation at the host museum. There are many subjects that are suitable for that and of interest to people around the world. Exporabbit thinks along – let us have a revolution on the expo landscape!

We also wish to establish contacts with theme museums and offer them what we have already created in Estonia. If we were to customize the existing expositions to the language(s) used in your country and add information about the destination country, would these exhibitions be of interest in your country?

  • “In War and in Peace with Mosquitoes“. State Forest Management Center, Sagadi Manor Forest Museum.
  • “Wild piggy”. Estonian Museum of Natural History.
  • “Night Flyers”. Estonian Museum of Natural History.
  • “The Bold and the Beautiful. Starred by Lichen and Moss”. Estonian Museum of Natural History.