Science Centre Pilke, traveling exhibition "Bioaika"

JUNE 2017

The Bioaika truck, created by Science Centre Pilke, is not merely an exhibition but a science centre on wheels that introduces the innovative uses of forest and wood today and in the future. The exhibits show how it is possible to live using smart solutions so that our world would be enough for everyone and human activity would be nature-friendly and sustainable. The complicated concepts of bio-economy are explained with the help of interactive exhibits. The exhibit ‘No waste’ shows how wood fibre can be recycled several times until it returns to the nature. The exhibit ‘The tree is a battery’ shows the different forms of energy that can be captured from wood today as illustrated by a smart-cube - a 1 dm3 cube of wood with RFID technology hidden inside. The exhibit ‘The forest gives’ talks about the services of the ecosystem and ’More work’, an exhibit with a humorous twist, is like a careers adviser, recommending different and interesting professions that are needed in the labour market of tomorrow.

Graphic design, animation, programming

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